Are you doing the right things to keep your home safe?

Do you lock your car at home?  In your garage?  Where is your garage door opener?  If your car is parked outside at home at night, do you lock it?  Do you know you could give criminals access to your home through your unlocked car outside?  It happens every day in Charlotte-Cars doors are checked to see if they are locked.  If not, you will find out when you get in your car in the morning and you find your glove box contents thrown around the passenger seat and floor.  This happens every day in Charlotte!  Now imagine that the criminals see your garage door opener on your visor and they push the button?  What next?  Is your door to your home locked?  Its time to start knowing that you have locked EVERYTHING!

I show my clients the possibilities of their actions or lack of actions.  There are many ways to Harden your home;  doors, windows (do you have glass side lights at your front door?  How easy to break that and unlock your front door?) and locks from hard intrusion.  You may need to add extra motion lighting, or an alarm or cameras.  the point is you need see your home through the lens of the criminal.  I do that for you and assess your home or business’s vulnerabilities.  In my report you will learn where your home or business is exposed, and then how to fix it.  I have also vetted several vendors that will be the best value for your money.  I use only vendors that are certified, insured and licensed (if required).  Call me if you want to discuss assessing your home or business.  I look forward to talking with you.