Shooting Incident Tips

Hello fellow shooters, concealed gun carriers and friends!

With this blog post I wanted to update you on something I taught in my class – when it comes to any shooting incident, there will be police involvement!  We spoke of how to manage that contact, and how to manage contact with LEO’s without a conflict as well.  If you do have a defensive shooting incident, you certainly should maintain your rights awareness. After reviewing several attorney videos and specifically a video from U.S. Lawshield and PDN for advice, I wanted to share with you my updated thoughts on this subject.

First, and foremost-do not get shot by responding LEO’s!  As they are arriving they do not know who you are or what your participation was and they are going to be hyped up! You need to have secured your weapon back into your holster (get behind solid cover if the situation is not secure) and have your hands up. Hopefully you had time to extract your driver’s license and CCH permit – if you haven’t, that’s okay. As the officer approaches announce “I am the victim!” “I called 911,” etc.  DO NOT SAY “I HAVE A GUN!”  Then, simply and calmly state that you have a CCH permit and your weapon is in your holster, or on the ground at your feet, etc.

Once the officers have the scene secure then maintain that you were attacked, assaulted, etc. and that you were attacked by “that” person over that and had to shoot him in defense of your life (must be threatened with great bodily harm or death).  Maintain that you are the victim and the other person was the attacker.  Do not go any further than a basic explanation of the facts. DO NOT TRY TO ALTER THE SCENE OR CHANGE YOUR STORY.  Please do remember to stick with the basics as we talked about the adrenaline and the effect on your memory, time dilation, etc.  If you feel, or even get a hint that the questioning is getting too involved then hand your officer your U.S. Lawshield card (you did join, didn’t you?) and terminate further questioning until your lawyer is present.  Please, please do not get defensive and remember to be calm and polite (as much as possible).

Do agree to give a statement after consulting with your attorney.  Do confirm that your license information is correct (it is, isn’t it?) Do be polite! Once you invoke your fifth amendment rights (if you do), do not make ANY further statements, nod your head, etc. until you speak with your attorney.  If you are a U.S. Lawshield member then your attorney will be on the way within minutes of your call and ready to bail you out. If you don’t have Lawshield then call someone who will answer the phone! Do not call your attorney buddy at 2:00 am and expect him to answer!

Please check out this video interview provided by Personal Defense Network.  Both PDN and U.S. Lawshield members receive these tip videos to keep you up to date and keep your mind in the game.  Remember that being prepared mentally has to be done BEFORE the incident and this is one of the things you have to have prepared beforehand.

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Do you have any questions? Let me know. The next class is August 25th. IF you know anyone that needs the class, send them my way please! Thanks again!