Are you attending the RNC 2020 convention, or any other event in Charlotte?

If you are attending the convention, or any other large-scale event in Charlotte there is a lot of ground work to do beforehand if security is an issue for you, or your protectee.  This article mainly deals with the RNC 2020 event in August 23-27, 2019, but is applicable for any large event in Charlotte (or even other large US cities).  Currently the RNC has not even set up shop in Charlotte.  They have designated a COO, but meetings with him have revealed that the RNC’s actions are very preliminary.  There are many other groups though that will be instrumental in the event; Visit Charlotte and the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

The current state of affairs in this country reveals a very contentious landscape:  Presidential politics, racial tensions in Charlotte, economic issues, and national liberal political stances.  With that said, and being realistic and not being naïve, Charlotte and the RNC 2020 convention will be a significant security challenge.  Thinking anything other than that may impede your planning and that could be a disaster to your success here in Charlotte.  There will be a LOT of protestors at this event.  There will be more than “protest areas” can handle, and they may very well overflow their “protest” areas.  If they do, entering and exiting the secure inner perimeter of the convention will be… interesting.  One look at ANTIFA’s actions around the country will let you know how aggressive they can be.  They have interrupted Ted Cruz and his wife at dinner, thrown any and all kinds of things, etc.  Since our most important mission is the safety and security of the protectee, these are relevant issues.  To be successful at the RNC 2020 will require extensive pre-mission planning.  That is where Derecho comes in!

One of the most important items in your planning process for a successful visit is relationships.  Knowing who is who, who is in the know, or the “right person” can open a lot of doors.  What we at Derecho (der A cho) have been doing is setting up these relationships now, ahead of time, and not at the last minute.  We are offering an extensive team of professionals to assist you in a safe visit.  That includes a live, secure national and international intelligence feed, extensive advance work packets for most likely visited locations (restaurants, venues, hospitals, major hotels, etc.).  We have communications available (specs available), we have a secure drop off location with golf cart transportation, a secure place to cool off upon exiting the perimeter if desired, transportation assets, aviation (rotary) transport, and FBO and airport transportation as well.  We are interfacing directly with the RNC on information as it becomes available and the City of Charlotte officials.

Currently there is a process to request hotel rooms in Charlotte for your stay.  Right now is the time to get your name added to this list.  Once the RNC Committee on Arrangements is stood up then they will process all room requests.  Reservations for the major restaurants have already been booked by the RNC as well.  We are developing a list of non-committed restaurants around Charlotte so that you may enjoy something else at your convenience.  Reservations and planning for this are paramount and we are doing that right now.  We are currently working with vendors for over-night dry cleaning and repair, exceptional gyms for workouts, LMBT certified massages and any other leisure activities that Charlotte offers.  If you have a question now is a great time to contact us and allow us to organize your trip.

All of our executive protection and security personnel are North Carolina licensed and insured.  All are exceptionally trained.  Our executive protection personnel have all attended an accredited and/or licensed EP training class.  Each of us are trained in trauma casualty (TCCC), Red Cross first aid and AED with all equipment available.  The members of our group are all professionals and are either NC-based, or are coming in from across the US and have worked with us in the past.  You will receive the best care possible when you partner with us for your Charlotte and North Carolina visit.  Please contact Ron Mann at for more information.

Under NC Gen Stat. 74C all security work:  Executive protection, armed security and unarmed security is regulated by the NC Private Protective Services Board, and unlicensed individuals will be charged civilly and criminally.  See link to PPSB:

No company can engage in business with security companies not licensed in NC.  If you have a preferred security contractor, please contact me so that we can get them licensed.  This will be a big issue at the RNC 2020 convention.