Derecho Investigations and EPSOP Group combined into Dignitary Protection & Security Group, LLC in 2019. EPSOP Group, USA was formed in 1998 by U.S. Military and Law Enforcement Officials to facilitate the growing need for Professional Protective Operations and Special Operations Domestically and Abroad. EPSOP Group, USA has been a U.S. State Department Contractor for the past Fifteen years and is currently one of only a handful of private security firms that operate ASO's for the FAA and Federal Air Marshal's. EPSOP Group, USA was awarded the distinction of "NC Company Police Department". With this distinction comes the responsibility of providing professional Police and Protective Operations to our clients.

In creating EPSOP Group, USA we have successfully transformed the field of Executive Protection and are continually striving to project a positive image for the industry. The Special Agents, Instructors and Uniformed Personnel employed by EPSOP Group, USA follow our core values: Honor, Commitment, Loyalty Sacrifice, Integrity and Service.

We specialize in U.S. Presidential Campaigns and political events. We provide Professional Protective Operations and Special Operations Worldwide for U.S. Government Official's, U.S. Military Official's, Foreign Diplomats, Corporate/Business Executives and their families, Celebrities, Athletes and Special Events (RNC/DNC, Olympics, etc.).

EPSOP Group, USA Special Agents, Instructors and Uniformed Personnel are real world Operators with proven results and they are highly respected within the Protective/Special Operations Community. EPSOP Group, USA Special Agents and Uniformed Personnel have superior customer service, unparalleled training, experience and education which has helped transform the art of Executive Protection into a model for Professional Protective Operations.