Hurricane Florence Preparedness Tips

Long before the lights go out and the wind starts blowing is the time to make sure you are ready for any storm, heavy rain, power outage, etc.  To do that, we examine what you need for the basics: Water: 1 gallon of water, per person, per day and the same for your pets.  This

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How do you know if you need a private investigator?

If you have a legitimate need for personal or private information about a non-family member then you need to hire a PI. If you’re using online tools to research a person or business, then you probably need a PI for a more thorough search, depending on the level of information you are seeking. If you

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Shooting Incident Tips

Hello fellow shooters, concealed gun carriers and friends! With this blog post I wanted to update you on something I taught in my class – when it comes to any shooting incident, there will be police involvement!  We spoke of how to manage that contact, and how to manage contact with LEO’s without a conflict

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CrySIS Ransomware the latest threat…

Here is the informational email from the FBI’s InfraGard system.  Contact me if you need more information.   Attention InfraGard member, You have received a new broadcast message. CrySiS Ransomware Targets US Businesses through Open RDP Ports Between June 2016 and July 2017, CrySiS ransomware targeted hundreds of US businesses, to include churches, private businesses,

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Time to re-focus on every day carry weapon use (EDC).

Check out this video by Reid Henrichs-great instructor!  Great information!

Time to re-emphasize your EDC-everday carry pistol!

Check out Reid’s video.  He is an exceptional instructor and this covers a well-thought out process on properly carrying your CCH weapon.  Good luck!

What Happens in Vegas…Can happen anywhere! What do you do to be prepared?

What do you carry in your pockets everyday? Do you have to borrow somebody’s scissors to cut a thread? Or do you have your own Swiss Army knife? Do you have a Band-Aid a mini compass do you have a flashlight? If you’ve ever taken one of my concealed carry courses you know spare magazine

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Are you doing the right things to keep your home safe?

Do you lock your car at home?  In your garage?  Where is your garage door opener?  If your car is parked outside at home at night, do you lock it?  Do you know you could give criminals access to your home through your unlocked car outside?  It happens every day in Charlotte-Cars doors are checked

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