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White Paper: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Published August 15, 2018 “Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that underpins them have created major changes in the way financial institutions and consumers conduct commerce. This ranges from payments processing to new financial technology systems. Their use also enables new types of fraud and cybercrime. This new ecosystem of currencies and technologies is likely to

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Shooting Incident Tips

Hello fellow shooters, concealed gun carriers and friends! With this blog post I wanted to update you on something I taught in my class – when it comes to any shooting incident, there will be police involvement!  We spoke of how to manage that contact, and how to manage contact with LEO’s without a conflict

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Are you doing the right things to keep your home safe?

Do you lock your car at home?  In your garage?  Where is your garage door opener?  If your car is parked outside at home at night, do you lock it?  Do you know you could give criminals access to your home through your unlocked car outside?  It happens every day in Charlotte-Cars doors are checked

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