What Happens in Vegas...Can happen anywhere! What do you do to be prepared?

What do you carry in your pockets everyday? Do you have to borrow somebody's scissors to cut a thread? Or do you have your own Swiss Army knife? Do you have a Band-Aid a mini compass do you have a flashlight? If you've ever taken one of my concealed carry courses you know spare magazine in a flashlight must be carried with your weapon. What else? In light of Vegas do you carry a pair of nitrile gloves? Do you know what to do for a gunshot wound? If you don't know how to treat a stab wound or a gunshot wound and you want to learn there are resources here in the Charlotte area that I can hook you up with. You can receive excellent training for an excellent price.

If you ever find yourself in an event like this you have the first moment to remain calm!  Always be aware of your surroundings in case this kind of thing (or fire, flood, health emergency) should ever occur again-it will!  Then, when it happens don't panic!  Act decisively and not worry about everyone else; only when you realize what is going on and act can you begin to help others!  Keep a clear head, move to cover (cover stops bullets!  Thin house walls do not!  Nor does most of a car!  Then reassess the situation and be a good witness.  Always move to exit the danger zone!  Then provide aid and information to law enforcement.  Just remember to have a plan!

Call me or message me anytime and I can tell you what you should be caring and how to carry it. I can tell you what you should be able to do in any emergency situation.in Vegas